Chapter 5. Getting Around in CartoMobile

5.1. Using the GPS
5.2. Using Bookmarks
Adding a Bookmark
Using a Bookmark
Removing a Bookmark
Changing a Bookmark
5.2.1. Automatic zooming to map areas
5.3. Getting Directions
Getting Directions with a Street Address field
Getting Directions with a GPS Field

5.1. Using the GPS

As you would expect, CartoMobile can use Location Services on the iOS device to find its current location. CartoMobile uses this to locate you on the map (showing the expected blue glowing dot) and, if you elect, to track your location with the map.

When you need to see where you are on the map, tap the GPS button, and CartoMobile will center the map on your current location according to available information, including:

Nearby WiFi Networks
Cellular towers

When in the wilds, only the GPS will work for location, but in environments where they are available, the other two mechanisms can help with the location process.

The blue dot signifies the current location and the circle around it (which may not be visible in high-accuracy situations) represents the expected error range of the current location. While the GPS button is active, CartoMobile will follow your movement by centering the map on your current location. If you zoom or move the map manually, the GPS button will turn off automatically. You can turn off tracking at any time by tapping the GPS button again.