Chapter 3. Adding Data

3.1. Overview of Adding Data
3.2. Adding Point Data with CartoMobile
Creating a new point using the loupe
Creating a new point at the center of the screen
3.3. Adding Line or Polygon Data with CartoMobile
3.3.1. Starting a new Line or Polygon Feature
Start a new feature using the loupe
Start a new feature at the center of the screen
3.3.2. Completing a Line or Polygon Feature
Editing attributes in a Pending Feature
Pausing and Resuming a Pending Feature

3.1. Overview of Adding Data

CartoMobile provides ways to input data using both the GPS and manually selecting points on the map. These same general processes follow for all types of spatial data: points, lines, and polygons. In general, creation with GPS involves using the + (Add) button on the main window, and manual selection of locations involves holding down your finger on the screen and using the loupe to position it precisely on the map. Once you have selected the initial location, you may enter attributes for the new feature using the form associated with the layer.

Because Cartographica can manage multiple layers at the same time, the process of adding geospatial data involves choosing your location, then choosing the layer to which you would like to add the location, and then entering attribute data.