2.4. Sending Updated Data via Email

CartoMobile can also send the contents of updated geospatial data via email. This process sends just the layers that are requested by the user, and will only send layers that the user has the ability to modify (for example: read-only layers that are used as backdrops or ancillary information for the field users will not be included).

The data will be sent as a single Zip-compressed archive containing the complete contents of all selected layers.

Sending Layers via Email

  1. Make sure your device has a valid email account configured (see Apple's documentation for this)

  2. From the Map, tap on the Gear icon

    The Settings view will appear

  3. Tap on Send Collected Data

    The Send Collected Data view will appear

  4. Select the layers you would like to send by enabling the switch next to each layer

  5. Type the recipient's email address in the via email to: box

  6. Tap Send


Emailed zip files containing layers contain all features, not just those added or changed. This is helpful in that deleted features will be obvious, but requires some care when assembling information from multiple users. As such, it is suggested that a empty layer be used for each user if they work in overlapping territories. When they work in distinct territories, editing the existing file is fine