Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. About CartoMobile
1.2. Interface Overview
1.3. Maps, Data Layers, and Base Maps
1.4. Forms

1.1. About CartoMobile

CartoMobile® is a mobile GIS product for iOS®. It is part of the Cartographica family of products from ClueTrust and shares many attributes with its macOS sibling. However, due to its design as a mobile data entry and viewing system, we have simplified some aspects to reduce clutter and increase productivity.

When we set out to design CartoMobile, we had observed that many of the mobile GIS systems in existence today come in two categories: generalized GIS products that try to do everything that desktop GIS packages do, but on a small screen, and dedicated products single-built for a particular project in mind using expensive APIs.

At ClueTrust, we believe that the iOS platform has opened the opportunity for a powerful, easy to use, geospatial data device that fits in the palm of your hand (or the crook of your arm) and can be customized for each project without having to spend thousands of dollars on software development.

Enter CartoMobile, a powerful new entrant into the mobile GIS world that promises the ability to simplify field data entry, retrieval, and viewing.

The philosophy of CartoMobile is to concentrate on the individual at the location. Taking advantage of the touch interface and GPS capabilities of the iPhone® and iPad®, CartoMobile can use where you are to make finding and updating data that much simpler. But, it's more than just finding yourself on the map. For a tool such as this to be useful, it must be fast, flexible, and friendly. Further, because not all uses are the same, it must be capable of adapting to many different sources of data and many input capabilities.