Chapter 4. Modifying Data

4.1. Viewing and Modifying data with CartoMobile
Removing Data from a Layer
4.2. Using Favorites to reduce clutter
Toggling Form Favorites

4.1. Viewing and Modifying data with CartoMobile

Pictorial maps are great, but GIS extends the model of a map to put much more data at your fingertips. With CartoMobile, that is literally true. As would be expected, the key way to examine data in CartoMobile is to tap on the feature you are curious about. For points, that means tapping on the flag. For polygons, that means tapping in the enclosed area. For lines, tap anywhere along the length.

Once you have tapped on the feature, the tap will be acknowledged by a label that pops up from the feature. This displays the first field on the form and remains visible until you either tap on an empty area of the map (no features) or two-finger tap anywhere on the map.

Clearly, that's not all the data that you can see, though. If you tap on the blue disclosure button in the label, the detail panel will slide in (on the iPhone and iPad touch) or pop up (on the iPad). From this panel, you can look at (and modify in the case of read/write data) values of the attributes for the feature.

To edit the feature, tap on the Edit button and then make changes as you see fit. Tapping the Save button will save the modified data.


When changing data in an existing feature, all modified fields will be displayed in green, signifying that they have been modified.

When editing data, you may clear out a field by sliding your finger across the field in the form. CartoMobile will present a Clear button, which will clear the data to an empty state.

Removing Data from a Layer

  1. Select the feature by tapping on it to bring up the label

  2. Tap the blue disclosure button to bring up the display form

  3. Tap the Edit button to enter edit mode

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the form and tap the Delete button

    A warning will appear to make sure you want to delete the item

  5. Tap the Delete button to confirm the deletion