Chapter 15. AppleScript Scripting

15.1. Scripting Architecture
15.2. AppleScript Vocabulary
15.2.1. Visibility into the current Map Window
15.3. Example Scripts

Cartographica supports scripting through AppleScript in order to control the program and add customize it for the functionality that your particular application needs. Support for scripting in Cartographica is extensive and it can be used to add, modify and delete Layers, Features, Columns and data related thereto.

Beyond support for basic data editing, Cartographica also provides scripting support for many of the built-in commands that are available for analysis.

15.1. Scripting Architecture

The Cartographica scripting architecture uses a standard AppleScript paradigm which can be used by any OSA (Open Scripting Architecture) compliant language to control and augment the application.

The primary object in Cartographica is a Document. Structured just like the Cartographica Mapset Document, the Document object contains a list of Layers. These Layers, in turn, contain various properties and a list of Features just like in Cartographica's MapSet Document.