15.2. AppleScript Vocabulary

As is standard for AppleScript, the full description of the vocabulary is contained in the Application itself and visible to the standard AppleScript Editor (found in the Utilities folder inside of the Applications folder). We have summarized the main objects and their use in Table 15.1, “AppleScript Main Objects” .

Table 15.1. AppleScript Main Objects

Map DocumentCartographica MapSet Document
Map Layout DocumentCartographica Map Layout Document
Map WindowWindow containing a MapSet Document
Map Layout WindowWindow containing a Map Layout Document
Map ViewerA component of a Map Window that shows the map
LayerLayer in a Cartographica Document, used to store Features and dictate what they mean and how they are presented.
FeatureFeature in a Layer, used to store Geometry and Field Data for individual features.
SchemaAn attribute of a Layer, used to store the Columns and information about the columns.
StyleAn attribute of a Layer, the Style describes how the features in a layer are presented. Used to store Style Parameters.
Style ParameterAn attribute of a Style, the Style Parameter describes how a particular class of Features that are displayed using a Style are displayed.
GeometryAn attribute of a Feature, Geometry stores the geometric attributes of a Feature. Made up of 1 or more parts, which in turn are made up of geopoints.
Coordinate Reference SystemCoordinate Reference Systems (sometimes referred to in Cartographica and elsewhere as just projections). Global objects that can be assigned to layers and Maps.
ColumnContained in a Schema, each Column describes a particular kind of data that is a part of the Feature's definition within a Layer. The Column contains the type, length and other attributes.
Field DataField Data are contained by a Feature and describe the values for a particular Column as it pertains to that Feature.
Field MapperField Mappers are used to map fields between layers for certain analysis operations.

15.2.1. Visibility into the current Map Window

Versions of Cartographica prior to 1.4 could not interact with the visible map. Although this was not an enormous problem, it did result in complications when trying to operate on a subset of layers or features when performing scripted operations. In 1.4, Cartographica now exposes the Map Viewer, which in turn exposes the selections in the layer stack and the map/data view, thus allowing you to write scripts that work on the selected layers or features.