2.2. Exporting Shape Files

Once you have created and modified data in CartoMobile, you will want to get it back to your computer. This process involves copying the data files back from your device to the computer using iTunes, and is basically the reverse of the process of getting data in to CartoMobile, and since the data is always kept up to date, you can do this at any time.

Copying a Shape File from your Device

  1. Attach the device to your Mac or PC and open iTunes

    The device should show up in the source list in iTunes

  2. Select the device in the Source list and choose the Apps tab

    The Apps tab should be selected

  3. Click on the device button at the top of the iTunes window

    The screen should change to the device window with Summary selected

  4. Select File Sharing in the source list (side bar)

  5. Scroll down in the Apps section and select CartoMobile

    The pane to the right (labeled CartoMobile Documents) will now be available

    • Drag all of the components of the shape file (the .shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj if it exists) from the CartoMobile Documents pane to your destination folder; or

    • Select the components of the shape file and then click Send To... and select the destination folder

    The files should appear in your selected destination