5.4. Adding and Removing Layers

Although most layers are added to Cartographica map sets by importing them from existing files or network services, it is quite reasonable to create a layer yourself. Most frequently the goal of adding a layer is manually create some new features (such as drawing an area over an existing map).

Adding New Layers

  1. Do the following to create a new layer:

    • Choose Layer  >  New Layer

    • Click on the Add(+) button under the Layer Stack

    The new layer is added with no data and the a default name

  2. Click on the name in the Layer stack to select the text and then replace with your new name

Removing Layers

  1. Select the layer you wish to remove in the Layer Stack

  2. Do one of the following to remove the layer:

    • Click on the Remove(-) button under the Layer Stack

    • Choose Layer  >  Delete Layer

    The selected layer is removed