6.3. Map Background Color

Cartographica can draw a background color behind all visible features in order to make the features stand out. Although this may be desirable for maps that are vector-based and have no styles, it can be distracting for choropleth maps.

You can change the background color for an individual map and also change it for all new maps going forward.

Changing the background color of a map

  1. Choose Edit  >  Show Colors to bring up the Color Picker

  2. Select or create a color of your choosing

  3. Drag the color sample from the Color Picker to the Map View

  4. Close the Color Picker

Changing the default background color for new maps

  1. Choose Cartographica  >  Preferences… to bring up the Cartographica Preferences window

  2. Click Default Map Background Color color well

    The Color Picker will open

  3. Select the color for the background

  4. Close the Color Picker