4.4. Data Tooltips

Data Tooltips show you summary information about selected features. By holding down the Option key while moving over any item in the selected layer, a small window will appear with information about the item you have moved over. The information that appears is defined in the Layer Info window.

Further, if you prefer to have Data Tool Tips available at all times without having to hold the option key, you can toggle them by choosing Map  >  Show Data Tooltips

Specifying Data Tooltip information

  1. Choose Windows  >  Layer Info to bring up the Layer Info Window.

    Layer Info Window

    Figure 4.2. Layer Info Window

  2. Select the Fields tab to show the information about the columns

  3. Check the Popup box on the line corresponding to the desired field.


    The summary data is also used as the description information that is exported when using the KML exporter.