CartoMobile User's Guide

Version 1.4.4



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May 24, 2022

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. About CartoMobile
1.2. Interface Overview
1.3. Maps, Data Layers, and Base Maps
1.4. Forms
2. Importing and Exporting Data
2.1. Importing Shape Files
Copying a Shape File to your Device
Importing a Shape File as a New Map
Importing a Shape File into an existing Map
2.2. Exporting Shape Files
Copying a Shape File from your Device
2.3. Capturing Pictures with CartoMobile
Displaying captured pictures in Cartographica Desktop
2.4. Sending Updated Data via Email
Sending Layers via Email
3. Adding Data
3.1. Overview of Adding Data
3.2. Adding Point Data with CartoMobile
Creating a new point using the loupe
Creating a new point at the center of the screen
3.3. Adding Line or Polygon Data with CartoMobile
3.3.1. Starting a new Line or Polygon Feature
Start a new feature using the loupe
Start a new feature at the center of the screen
3.3.2. Completing a Line or Polygon Feature
Editing attributes in a Pending Feature
Pausing and Resuming a Pending Feature
4. Modifying Data
4.1. Viewing and Modifying data with CartoMobile
Removing Data from a Layer
4.2. Using Favorites to reduce clutter
Toggling Form Favorites
5. Getting Around in CartoMobile
5.1. Using the GPS
5.2. Using Bookmarks
Adding a Bookmark
Using a Bookmark
Removing a Bookmark
Changing a Bookmark
5.2.1. Automatic zooming to map areas
5.3. Getting Directions
Getting Directions with a Street Address field
Getting Directions with a GPS Field
6. Base Maps
6.1. Using Base Maps
Adjusting the Default Base Map
6.2. OpenStreetMap Base Maps
Adding a Custom OpenStreetMap Base Map
6.3. Raster Image Base Maps
Adding Raster Imagery
6.3.1. Reducing clutter with RasterPacks
6.4. WMS Server Base Maps
Adding a WMS Server Base Map
7. Concepts
7.1. Features
7.2. Layers