8.8. Geocoding Photos

Geocoding photos is a way to take photos and place them on a map in Cartographica. Once these have been placed, they can be displayed as the point representation of a feature, or displayed when browsing the map by clicking on point.

There are two ways to geocode photos:

Cartographica currently supports both the import form and the timecoding form, imported either from files that you select. Photos originating from some cellular phones, such as the iPhone, and from some recently released cameras with GPS capabilities are the most likely sources of photos that are coded with location.

8.8.1. Importing encoded photos

This process is simple because the photos already contain all of the necessary information to put them on the map.

Importing photos coded with geospatial data

  1. If you are bringing in photos from photo files, choose Tools  >  Plot GPS Encoded Photos… and select the picture files in the file window.

  2. Choose Tools  >  Plot GPS Encoded Files

  3. Select one or more files to import and plot into the existing map and click Import

    Once Cartographica has loaded and coded the files, they will appear in a new layer on the map, with the location of each photo represented by a point feature.