Quick Printing

Quick Printing is the easiest way to print a basic map. By choosing  File > Print Cartographica will print a copy of the current map in as large a format as possible for whatever printer you are using. The larger the print area, the more well-defined the printout.

You can print different format maps by using the  File > Page Setup command to set and change the size of the paper to use as the destination for the Map Layout.

PDF maps can be created by using  File > Print and then using the PDF menu in the  Print window to save a PDF file. These files also pay attention to the  File > Page Setup settings.

Quick-Printing the current map
  1. With your map open, choose   File > Print… 
    The standard Print window will come up with a preview area to the left.
  2. Choose the image resolution from among the available options
  3. If you want to print just the area that was visible in the map window, check  Print Visible Extent Only
  4. Change any other printer settings and print as you normally would.