Updating Cartographica

Cartographica has a built-in update service that helps to make sure that you have the most recent updates to the software. When you run Cartographica for the second time, you will be asked if you would like to let Cartographica check for updates. We strongly suggest that you allow Cartographica to do this check as it will keep you informed of any important bug fixes and feature additions.

You can always opt in or out of the automatic update process later by changing your update preferences. Even if you opt out of the auto-update process, you can still use the updating mechanism in Cartographica to check for updates manually.

Changing your auto-update preferences
  1. Choose  Cartographica > Preferences… to bring up the Cartographica Preferences window
  2. Check  Automatically Check for Updates to enable the auto-updater and uncheck it to disable the feature.
  3. Advanced users may wish to subscribe to the Development or Beta versions of the software in order to help test future features in Cartographica. Although it is suggested that most people leave the update setting at  Release, you can change it to Beta or Development if you are instructed to do so.
  4. Optionally check  Sends System Profile Information if you want to help out ClueTrust by sending along some basic (non-identifying) statistical data about your computer when you check for updates.

Manually updating Cartographica

  1. Choose  Cartographica > Check for Updates…
    If there is a new version of Cartographica available, you will be presented with information about changes in the updated software and given the option to install it or to defer until later.
  2. Click  Install Update to being the update process
    Cartographica will download the new version while you work and then prompt you later to install the new copy.
  3. Click  Install and Relaunch to shut down Cartographica, install the new version, and restart the program.
    Once Cartographica restarts, you're ready to use the new version.