Drag and Drop throughout Cartographica

Drag and drop is used extensively throughout Cartographica where it is reasonable. Usually it provides a shortcut to some functionality elsewhere in the program's menus and windows. A few of these drag and drop shortcuts are elaborated here, but if it makes logical sense to drag and drop something it will most likely work.

  • Drop vector or raster files on the map window to import them.
  • Drop picture files that contain GPS Location data the Map View and they'll be plotted in a new layer on the map.
  • Drag layers to reorder them in the layer stack.
  • Drop one layer on another to copy the styles.
  • Drop a color swatch from the color picker onto the map background and change the background.
  • Drag a layer from one map window to another in order to create a new copy of that layer in the map you drop it on.
  • Drop a map icon (grabbed from the title bar) into a Map Layout document to add a map copy there.
  • Drop color maps onto analysis layers to change the color map.