Zooming In and Out of Maps

There are several ways to zoom in and out of a map:

  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse while holding down the Option key on the keyboard
  • Use the Zoom Dial on the right side of the Map Windows
  • Use the Zoom To menu items in  View to jump to particular zoom levels
  • Use the zoom tool to zoom to points or areas using the mouse pointer
  • Use the Previous Extent and Next Extent items in  View move to the previous or next zoom locations

Click and hold the zoom dial and move it up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

You can also zoom by clicking your mouse when you are using the Zoom tool. The Zoom tool also has a toolbar icon looks like this:

When the Zoom tool is selected, the cursor becomes a small little magnifying glass. Click anywhere in the map to zoom in and center the map on that point. To zoom back out, click while holding the Option key on your keyboard.

You can also zoom by selecting an area with the mouse (like drawing a box around it) when you have the Zoom Tool toolbar icon selected. You will zoom in to the borders of the box you just drew.

To go to the last Zoom use the  Previous Extent/ Next Extent menu options available in the  View menu. Essentially, these options are undo/redo for zooming, but work independently of the action undo/redo stack.