Selecting Data and Using the Identify Tool

The Identify tool allows you to draw around an area of features on the map or click one feature directly and make the data about that feature appear in the data window. To activate the Identify tool, choose Map > Identify Tool or click on the Identify Tool icon (  ) in the  Map Tools toolbar.

Use the Identify tool to identify any feature in the currently selected layer. When you select the feature by either clicking on it, or surrounding it with a rectangle that you can draw (also good for selecting multiple features) the chosen items are highlighted in the data window.

For additional information display, choose  Window > Selection Info to display the  Selection Info window, which displays a scrolling list of information about each selected item. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of items selected which aren't next to each other in the data view, or if you have closed the data view to maximize map area.

Selection Window